Enzo No Rinse Floor Cleaner

Enzyme Based

A liquid concentrated microbial cleaner for use on hard surface floors such as quarry tile and concrete in commercial kitchens and other food preparation areas. Combines biodegradable surfactants for immediate cleaning and a blend of specifically selected microbial cultures that penetrate deep into tile pores for the breakdown of residual organic material. Recommended to be emptied down the drain line emptied down the drain line as an effective drain and grease trap treatment. Regular use prevents grease build-up, reduces slippery floor surfaces, maintains a sanitary and odor-free floor, reduces organic material buildup in drains, and eliminates conventional hazardous cleaners.

Available Package Sizes

  • 2/1 Gal CS DP     1096-SPU/DP
  • 2/1 Gal CS     1096-SPU/2